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Bob Cat CRZ 52" Zero Turn Mower

Bob-Cat CRZ Home Owner

Our entry level zero turn mower comes from a professional pedigree; Bob-Cat have traditionally come from the fleet end of the American commercial mower market. So it is refreshing to see an entry level American made mower that is a full sized machine with an adjustable, high back seat, a complete fabricated "box chassis", powered by Kawasaki engines, equipped with fully serviceable ZT2800 transmissions - complete with spin off oil filters. This is a real first in this product category - part of our commercial pedigree!

Not ALL Decks are EQUAL!

All Bob-Cat zero turn mowers have steel deck pulleys, fully fabricated deck with heavy gauge reinforcements and skirts. They also have a unique front deck lip which can be raised in order to create more airflow across the mowing deck. This is one of the important reasons that Bob-Cat mowers perform so incredibly well in all cutting conditions. Take a look at the video and see for yourself!

Height Adjustment & Deck Lift

The CRZ also has a fantastic height adjuster that includes a foot pedal assisted lifter that makes setting your deck height an absolute breeze! You can also avoid mowing over obstacles by using the foot pedal to lift the deck, with all your cutting gear engaged. Yet another feature that you won't see on any other mower in this price category!

This mower is not a toy - it has 22 litres fuel capacity, a very robust set of 20 inch drive wheels and front castors that are large enough to give you a great comfortable ride.

Available in deck sizes of 48, 52 and 61 - with Kawasaki engines geared to match for outstanding performance. Mighty tough mowers for our rugged Australian conditions and at a price that won't break the bank!

A Truly Amazing Deck!

The Bob-Cat deck does ALL the work! It has a revolutionary raised front deck lip that allows greater AIR FLOW across the deck to produce a far better cut and a fantastic finish every time!

Airflow Makes THE Difference!

The increased airflow works with the double wave baffles to shift the grass out from under the deck very efficiently. The deck is the major factor to consider when you buy a mower. A brilliant deck is mandatory for a brilliant mower!

The deck when coupled to a Kawasaki engine with a serious ZT2800 transmission - with spin off oil filters delivers unrivalled quality, comfort, longevity and performance.

Nothing cuts grass like a Bob-Cat Zero Turn Mower!

Price: AUD $8,627.27
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